Sales Force Digitalization - 074 555

Seminar - 5 ECTS


Supervising assistant

Module contents:

In the course of digitalization, companies apply new technologies to generate, process, and analyze customer data. In this module, we will have a look at new possibilities and challenges for companies following digitalization. In this, we will examine how companies can use digital tools and big data to make their customer interactions as well as their internal business processes more effective. More precisely, we will consider changing market structures and new strategic options. Moreover, we will analyze the new digitalized customer journey and its implications for the sales force.
A central element of the module will be the elaboration of a case study together with top executives of selected companies. In the context of this case study, students will have the opportunity to apply and deepen their theoretical knowledge on digital topics and discuss their insights with experienced practitioners.
Students should be able to analyze a company’s specific market situation and to derive practical recommendations. At the end of the module, students will present their results to the top executives who will challenge and assess them.
For organizational and fairness reasons, we expect attendance at all dates. This is also conducive to a successful elaboration of the case study.

Composition of module grade:

The module exam consists in the written elaboration of a case study. Participants can achieve up to 20% of bonus points by delivering an oral presentation of their result. Bonus points are taken into account even if the module exam would not have been passed without bonus points.

Credit points are granted if participants pass the module exam. Participation in the module exam requires the completion of two exercises during the course with at least 70% of the achievable points. Participation in all lectures of the module is obligatory in order to pass the module exam.

Participants should be able to identify and explain important challenges and opportunities for companies following digitalization and to transfer this knowledge to a specific business case. Moreover, they should learn to analyze and compare different strategic options. Within the elaboration of the business case, participants should decide on a structured approach to develop an appropriate solution to the specific business problem and recommend a suitable plan for its implementation.

Arrangements for participation:

Only 40 students can participate in the module. Hence, a binding application is obligatory.
Please submit your application including the following documents (combined in one PDF-file) until September 25, 2024 using the “application website”.

Please note: For Sales Management students, a registration also is sufficient. In any case, please use the application website and keep the deadline (September 25, 2024). The Appendix (application template, CV and Transcript) is not neccessary.

Application process

First step


Check application deadline and required documents.
Second step


Click here to apply for the module.
Third step


After the registration deadline you will receive feedback whether you have a seat the course.
Fourth step


Congratulations on your participation in our course.
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